First Votes Cast in Iowa Caucus

Feb 3, 2016

The first votes of the 2016 election season have finally been cast. Did Ted Cruz’s victory in the Hawkeye state caucuses make him the new GOP frontrunner? Did Donald Trump learn enough lessons about retail politicking to help him prove the pollsters right in New Hampshire? Does Marco Rubio’s third place finish in Iowa position him as the establishment candidate most capable of challenging and beating Trump for the Republican nomination? What about Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich? Will their hard work in New Hampshire pay off and reshuffle the campaign as it heads to South Carolina and Nevada? On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton eked out a razor thin victory over Bernie Sanders, winning some Iowa counties by a coin toss. If Sanders can maintain his large lead in New Hampshire and win there, does Clinton then have to look to South Carolina and other southern states to help her secure the nomination? Can Sanders make enough inroads with African American voters to be competitive in the south and chip away at Clinton’s southern firewall? In Georgia state politics, the legislator who made controversial comments about the KKK and slavery was denounced from the Senate well by a colleague and forced to withdraw legislation protecting Confederate monuments. And there was more RFRA discussion under the Gold Dome. Will any of the eight RFRA bills pass and become law? If one or more does pass, how will the business community react? The panel weighs in on all of this and more!