Field Session: Art, Noise And Play With MANI

Apr 6, 2018

The music of Macon based band Mani exists at a nexus of styles.

The vocals are pushed deep into the mix of their first real release, icanthearwhattheyresayingbutithinkigetit, the better to focus on their mix of world music, math rock, noise and psychedelia.

Guitarist Zach Farr said the project started with his composing and recording on his own until a live band, featuring drummer Steve Ledbetter, started to jel sometime around 2013.


“Steve and I have been playing music together going back to Americus when we were kids,” Farr said.  

Bassist Clark Bush joined the band back in September just after the band’s first release. That was recorded with Matt Boone.

The trio shares those world, noise and art influences. Having a local scene that pushes them along helps, too.

“We all mostly grew musically together through the Macon Noise crowd that sort of gravitates around Fresh Produce Records,” Farr said. Fresh Produce is a record store and performance space run by Willie Dantzler, Roland sampler wrangler for the equally experimental Athens band Cult of Riggonia.

“It's a really nurturing crowd for experimentation and free artistic expression, so we're really grateful to sort of call those places home.”

The band is looking forward to their next record to be released on the Athens based MOEKE label owned by producer Jesse Mangum. Recording of that project starts in April.

These days, the band is also recording as three quarters of SaVana Cameron’s previously solo project Atria. The new Atria record, also on MOEKE, should be out in August.

Listen to two new songs, Wait Till You Crumb and A Wad Of Charred Serpents On The Seashore and one off the band’s first record, Trimurtri Shadowmen, in this live session recorded at the Mill Hill Community Arts Center in Macon.


 Upcoming Shows: Flicker Bar in Athens 4/7 Wicked Weed Funkatorium in Asheville 4/14 Buffingtons in Milledgeville 4/21 The Bakery in Atlanta 4/27