Faith Salie, Approval Junkie

May 7, 2016

Make no mistake: Faith Salie’s book, “Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much,” is a thoughtful account of the price Salie paid for her obsessive need to win applause and approbation. She examines her thirst for approval unflinchingly. In doing so, she gives us, the readers, the opportunity to examine the lengths we may go to win approval.

But here’s the thing: the book is also very funny; and so, when she came to the studio to record our show, I thought: don’t fight it – just allow the show to be funny.

So we dug deep to find audio clips from Faith’s past – like the scene from “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” where her character, an alien, gets a singing lesson, or the scene from a student musical film she did as an undergraduate at Northwestern University. We hoped Faith, a former improvisational actor, would find a way to play off these little gems, and she did, she really did.

We talk about a lot of serious subjects with some very serious people on “Two Way Street,” and I’m glad we do. But every now and then, it feels right to spend time with a guest just having a good time. I hope you have a good time listening to Faith and me.