Faith Leaders In Georgia Discuss Hopes For The New Year

Jan 3, 2019

It's the new year, a time many people use as an opportunity to press reset and make personal changes.


"On Second Thought" invited leaders and scholars from different faith traditions to share some messages and conversations animating their respective congregations this year.


We heard from Kim Jackson, associate rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta; Soumaya Khalifa, executive director of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta; and Rabbi Robert Haas from Congregation Mickve Israel in Savannah. They discussed how they navigate faith in an increasingly polarized and secular country.


Rabbi Robert Haas discussed the place of doubt in conversations about faith.


"Some people live their lives without doubt, [but] doubt really allows us to look even more into ourselves and find what we really believe," Haas said. "This is part of the process. We are getting better as we go along, but it's not a straight line."


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