Experts Say Play It Safe With Fireworks

Jul 2, 2019

The Macon-Bibb Fire Department set off fireworks in their own parking lot, demonstrating how to safely handle, ignite and launch fireworks. 

Macon's fire department receives over 150 calls regarding firework accidents annually. Macon-Bibb Fire Chief Marvin Riggins said a majority of those accidents are eye injuries.

"We have incidents of eye injury where the fireworks themselves misfire or fall over in the process of igniting itself and it went at someone when it just wasn't supposed to," he said.

Riggins recommends wearing eye protection. Jason Pritchett, a safety compliance officer for the state fire marshall's office, recommends staying sober.

Alcohol and fireworks never mix, Pritchett said.

“Always have a designated lighter if you’re having a party where people are going to be drinking.” 

As long as they come from a licensed vendor, fireworks should be safe, Pritchett said. However, there is one in particular he wants people in Macon to avoid.   

"Skylanders," Pritchett said. “They are things like balloons, parachutes that are propelled by a flame underneath. Those are absolutely unlawful to release or cause to be released anywhere in the state.” 

This Fourth of July, the Macon-Bibb Fire Department hopes to cut down on 911 calls.