The Effect Of Racial Imagery On Social Perception

Oct 20, 2017



Over the summer, bikers, walkers and runners were treated to some art as they enjoyed Atlanta’s Beltine.  

Included in the display was a group of photos of black men incarcerated at the Fulton County jail.

The four photos feature men in their prison jumpsuits posing with dogs that they trained as part of the Canine Cellmates program.

But many residents took issue with the display, one resident even removed the photos.

Officials with Atlanta Beltline have now apologized for what they deemed a "racially insensitive" display of artwork.

But the photographer and the director of Canine Cellmates are both pushing back.


Canine Cellmates says the pictures were meant to represent the merits of animal relationships and that the imagery tells a true story of what is happening in Atlanta.

Kami Anderson of Kennesaw State University
Credit Taylor Gantt

GPB's Leah Fleming sits down with Kennesaw State University communication professor Kami Anderson.


They discuss the social implications of issues like this and the importance of racial representation.