Drummer Antonio Sanchez Talks Improvisation And Scoring For 'Birdman'

Nov 9, 2016

Antonio Sanchez began playing drums at age five. He’s since performed and recorded with many jazz legends, including Chick Corea and Pat Metheny.

Never did Sanchez think he would compose music for film until he was approached by director Alejandro González Iñárritu. The two worked together to create the score for the 2014 film "Birdman."

The score, reflective of Sanchez’s talents, is all percussion. He is now on tour, performing the drum score live alongside a screening of the film. He joins us to discuss the new project and talk about how his drumming has evolved.

Antonio Sanchez performs his score live with the film "Birdman" this Friday at Emory University at 8 p.m.