Drought Conditions Improve For The First Time In Weeks

Oct 25, 2019

A drought that has spread across the Southeast is the showing the first real improvement in weeks, but some Georgia farmers are still feeling the effects of the dry conditions. 

This week's U.S. Drought Monitor report shows that rain in mid-October helped reduce areas with the most extreme dry conditions.

Georgia received as much 5 inches of rain, thanks in part to the remnants of Tropical Storm Nestor.

However, in places like Gordon County in northern part of the state, there are still reports of dry ponds and creeks, dead pasture and drying trees.

Andrew Moore is a row crop farmer there.

He says they normally harvest 60 bushels an acre of soybeans, but this year, they've only been able to get about 10 to 15.

"It's a complete failure for us this year, but we're still harvesting it as much as we can, so we're not going to let it lie in the field and go away," he said.

Moore says recent rain has helped his fall canola crop.