Documenting Syria | Higher Ed For Sale | Gun Violence Research

Jan 11, 2016

In the past ten years, groups led by billionaire chairman Charles Koch donated nearly $108 million to college and universities across the county. The bulk of those funds went to schools in the South. Host Celeste Headlee looks at where the money is going and the ethical issues behind large donations to higher education. She talks with Alex Kotch of the Institute for Southern Studies and Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed. Plus, our conversation about the influence of wealth on Southern colleges and universities continues. Then, we get a read on the reactions to President Obama’s executive action on background checks for firearm consumers. Mark Rosenberg of the Georgia-based Task Force for Global Health tells host Celeste Headlee about what the president’s announcement means for gun violence research. And this month, Gov. Nathan Deal rescinded his order to ban Syrian refugees from coming to Georgia. Atlanta photographer Elizabeth Chappell returned from the region last spring after visiting the Syrian border town of Kobani after it was freed from Islamic State militants. She documented the Syrian refugee crisis, and shares her experiences with host Celeste Headlee.