Documentary Turns Its Lens On Legendary Photographer

Jul 21, 2016

Photographer Harry Benson got his big break when he was assigned to travel with an aspiring band on their first American tour in 1964. That band was The Beatles. He produced one of the most iconic photos of the Fab Four, which shows the group enjoying a pillow fight in their Paris hotel room. 

Credit Harry Benson

Since that moment 50 years ago, Benson has gone on to photograph some of the world’s most famous people. His portfolio includes images of Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, Bobby Fischer, and Elizabeth Taylor. He’s now the subject of a new documentary called, “Harry Benson: Shoot First.” We speak with Benson about his life and career and how he continues to work at the age of 86.

The documentary will screen at the Macon Film Festival at the Douglass Theatre this weekend.