Diving Into New Poll Numbers On National And State Issues

May 13, 2016

AJC political writer Jim Galloway unveils the results of the newspaper’s brand new poll. The panel discusses the poll findings on Governor Deal’s approval rating, how Georgians feel about his vetoes of campus carry and religious liberty, and who stacks up as a better general election candidates against Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

See the AJC poll.

The panel also weighs in on the continuing controversy about transgender bathrooms. House speaker David Ralston gently stepped into the issue just this week. And the U.S. Department of Justice and North Carolina have filed countersuits over the threat that federal education funds will be pulled from the state if they don’t rescind their bathroom law.

Now that Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have met and agreed to keep talking, is it becoming clear that Republicans are ready to make their peace with Trump and get behind his candidacy? And what does that mean for the long-term success of the GOP in Georgia?


Jim Galloway – AJC political writer

State Senator Nan Orrock – (D) Atlanta

Eric Tanenblatt – Republican fundraiser and advisor

Buddy Darden – former U.S. Congressman, Cobb County