Dissecting the Georgia Primary

Mar 2, 2016

Poll worker Delores Peterson hands a sticker to a voter after they casted their ballot in Georgia's primary election at a polling site Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Atlanta.
Credit AP Photo/David Goldman

The 2016 SEC/Super Primaries are now history. On the Republican side, businessman Donald Trump won 7 of the 11 contested elections on March 1, including southern states Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee. The south was once thought to be a Sen. Ted Cruz stronghold. Trump also won Massachusetts and Vermont. Brandon Phillips of the Trump campaign joins the panel to talk about Trump’s strategy in Georgia. Cruz, meanwhile, won his home state of Texas, its neighboring state Oklahoma and Alaska. Florida Senator Marco Rubio won in Minnesota.

Trump now leads the GOP delegate battle with 319 delegates. Cruz is in second place with 226. Is the nomination now Trump’s to lose? Should lower polling Republican candidates coalesce behind their second place in delegates candidate to try to stop Trump? Is there still a chance that Rubio or Ohio governor John Kasich- who was winless on Tuesday- can still be competitive for the nomination? What about Dr. Ben Carson?

In the Democratic contests, Hillary Clinton’s firewall remained intact enabling her to win seven contests, including a clean sweep in the south. Clinton won in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Virginia. She also won Massachusetts. Sen. Bernie Sanders won his home state of Vermont as well as Minnesota, Colorado and Oklahoma. Clinton now leads the Dem delegate tally by a whopping 1,034 to 408. Is the contest for the Democratic nomination effectively over? Will Clinton be able to unite and motivate the Democratic Party for the election this fall? And what would a Clinton/Trump contest look like, should Trump be the eventual GOP nominee?

Under the Gold Dome, religious liberty legislation and its ramifications continue to be debated by legislators. Will a Senate passed religious liberty bill being considered in the House pass the House and be signed into law? How will business in Georgia be affected if it does?

The panel weighs in on all this and more!


Howard Franklin-Democratic Consultant

Eric Tanenblatt-Republican Consultant

Brian Robinson-Government Affairs Consultant