Despite Mounting Difficulties, Sanders Vows To Continue Campaign

May 18, 2016

Georgia Republicans say they’re spoiling for a fight over the Obama administration ruling that schools must give transgender students access to the bathroom of the gender with which they identify or risk losing federal funds. Is this a fight worth having?

The Nevada state Democratic convention was thrown into chaos this past weekend when Bernie Sanders supporters protested that they were being ignored in the selection of delegates to the national convention. Sanders issued a half-hearted apology, and now there’s fear that it could be the Democratic National Convention where turmoil ensues.

After his string of primary victories was broken in Kentucky this week, Sanders vows to fight on to California. Is there any path for him to win the nomination? Is he weakening Hillary Clinton if she faces Donald Trump in the general election?

Plus, we take a look at the big races on the Georgia primary ballot next Tuesday.

Jim Galloway – AJC political writer

Greg Bluestein – AJC political reporter

Leo Smith – Georgia GOP minority engagement director

Howard Franklin – Democratic political consultant.