Descendant Of Dracula Author Writes Prequel To Vampire Tale

Apr 22, 2019

Dacre Stoker tells On Second Thought "Dracula" derives from old folk tales and superstitions. For decades, Stoker has been piecing together clues about what moved his great grand-uncle, Bram Stoker to write Dracula.

While few have actually read Bram Stoker's 1987 novel, Dracula, they know a lot about him. That's thanks to actors Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Frank Langella. The seminal gothic novel has never been out of print and continues to inspire others. Notably the best-selling Interview With A Vampire books by Annie Rice, The Twilight saga, HBO's True Blood series, fan fiction, comic books and muppets.

We spoke with Dacre in Savannah - a city crawling with as many ghost tours as ghost stories. The author was there to promote Dracul, which is the first-ever prequel authorized by the Stoker estate.

Dracul  fills in some mysteries about Dracula's origins, including the first 102 pages cut from the original novel. Those pages were discovered in a Pennsylvania barn in the 1980s under the title "The Undead." 

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