Delta CEO Responds To NRA Decision, Loss Of Tax Break In Memo To Employees

Mar 2, 2018

On this edition of Political Rewind, in a matchup between Delta Airlines and the NRA, it’s no contest: GOP legislators pass a tax break that saves Georgian millions, but denies Delta a cut worth $40 million.  We’ll look at the long-range consequences of the battle.  Plus, thousands of gun safety advocates rallied at the State Capitol last month, but their voices were silenced by an official who made sure the microphones at the state facility were turned off.  Also, a Columbus state senator pushes a bill to force the city of Atlanta to shorten the hours of city polling places, leading critics to say it’s an effort at voter suppression.  And, our panel will weigh in on the latest from the Trump White House: how will the president’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum impact Georgians?


AJC Lead Political Writer Jim Galloway

Former Congressman Buddy Darden

Emory Associate Political Professor Dr. Andra Gillespie

Republican Strategist Loretta Lepore