David Perdue Throws Himself Into Middle Of Trump “S***hole” Controversy

Jan 17, 2018

On this edition of Political Rewind, Georgia Senator David Perdue puts himself front and center in one of the biggest controversies of the Trump presidency.  What does Perdue gain or lose by defending the president?  Plus, as members of Congress jockey over extending DACA and building a border wall, the deadline for passing a government spending bill hangs in the balance.  If there is a government shutdown this weekend, who will get the blame?  Then, a coalition of faith-based organizations put a controversial religious liberty bill back in play at the state capital.  What’s likely to happen in this fourth effort to pass the measure?  Plus, one candidate for Georgia governor reports a huge cash advantage over the parties other candidates.


AJC Political Reporter Greg Bluestein

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

Republican Strategist Eric Tanenblatt