A Cross Cut Of Georgia Concerts

Sep 30, 2019

GPB Loves Music has been running the whole month of September. We’ve heard from bands big and small. We’ve learned about a variety of genres, from jazz to hip-hop to punk rock. We heard about Georgia’s music roots, and a law class based on music contracts. But we realized: something seemed to be missing.

One of the best and most crucial parts of loving music is seeing it live — the dimmed lights, the vibrations from the speakers, the collective feeling of people sharing a night out on the town.

So, instead of bringing musicians into the studio, we decided to go out. We sent three of our folks, in three different Georgia cities, to three different concerts, all on the same weekend.

The shows we got a chance to hear:

·  Fiona Silver – Played at The Jinx in Savannah, GA on Friday, September 20th.

·  Blackfoot Gypsies – Played at The EARL in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 21st.

·  Klezmer Local 42 – Played at Hendershot’s in Athens, GA on Sunday, September 22nd.

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