Critics Challenge Coyote-Killing Contest In Georgia

Feb 21, 2017

Critics are complaining about the state of Georgia's plan to stage a coyote-killing contest in metro Atlanta.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is promoting the Georgia Coyote Challenge. Participants can kill as many as five coyotes a month from March through August for a chance to win a lifetime hunting license.

But WSB-TVĀ reports that critics are opposing the plan.

Chris Mowry is with the Atlanta Coyote Project, which conducts scientific research about the animals around the city. He calls the idea cruel, partly because it will leave young coyote pups to starve if their parents are killed.

Mowry says other states have banned similar events.

The head of game management for the state, John Bower, says science shows that coyote predation is a problem.