The Credits Podcast: 'In the stunt department, it's very male dominated'

Nov 23, 2018

Work on film and television projects come with risk. Stunt coordinators know that risk all too well. Elizabeth Davidovich has worked in stunts for more than a decade. Her credits include AMC's "The Walking Dead," in which she’s played ravenous walkers who have been killed off more times than she can count.


She’s also been Winona Ryder’s stunt double on Netflix's "Stranger Things." Elizabeth talked with host Kalena Boller about the training that's involved in the stunt department, the limited opportunities for women and the work she is doing to make the film industry as a whole safer.



Freelance reporter Haisten Willis recently wrote about "The Credits" for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. More photos from our interview with Elizabeth are featured in the AJC's article.