'Crash! Boom! Bang!': Atlanta Screenwriter On What Makes An Action Movie Explode Off The Screen

Jan 6, 2020

Since the early days of cinema, action-adventure movies have transported and invigorated audiences around the globe. While the movies have evolved, boasting enormous budgets and dazzling technical feats, the staying power of any great flick comes down to the story.

Atlanta-native Michael Lucker has written more than 30 feature screenplays for studios all over Hollywood. He’s now back in Georgia, teaching film studies at the University of North Georgia, Emory University, and Reinhardt University, as well as workshops out of his Screenwriter School. He is also author of Crash! Boom! Bang!: How To Write Action Movies.

Lucker joined On Second Thought to share his journey through the industry and to unpack the storytelling bones beneath the blockbusters we’ve grown to love.

“A lot of people think that what makes great action movies are the big explosions, the big twists, the high-end spectacles which electrify us in the movie theaters,” Lucker explained. “What’s hard to do, in action movies especially, is create characters that we invest in, that we care about.”

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