Could Black Panther Help Elevate More Black Superheroes?

Feb 9, 2018


Next week, Marvel’s Black Panther is set to debut in theaters in Atlanta and all across the world.

It will feature a predominantly black cast in a genre that has traditionally had few black superheroes.

The big budget action flick, which was filmed at Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville, is the inspiration for an art exhibit and discussion this weekend titled “My Superheroes are Black”, which will take place at Studio 249 in Atlanta on Sunday.

Allyssa A. Lewis

 Allyssa Lewis will be one the panelists for the discussion.


She’s an Emmy award winning animator for her work on Archer and 30 Rock and the founder of the animation staffing agency, My Animation Life.


Lewis sits down GPB's Leah Fleming to discuss her favorite superhero of color and what Black Panther's success could mean for future black heroes.