Concord Covered Bridge Beams Sustain Yet Another Collision

Jan 17, 2019

It just keeps happening. Oversize vehicles continue to crash into the 7-foot warning beam installed to protect the Concord Covered Bridge in Cobb County.

The Concord Bridge, which goes over Nickajack Creek, has been around since the 1840s but it wasn't covered until 1891.

The county shut down the bridge a few years ago after it sustained structural damage. Repairs to it cost about $800,000.

Already this year, two trucks have hit the beams meant to protect the structure, bringing the total number of crashes to 15 since it re-opened in December 2017.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday.  

Ross Cavitt, Cobb County’s communication director, described the incidents as frustrating.

"The problem is," Cavitt said, "It creates a traffic backlog."

About 7,000 to 9,000 people travel over the one-lane bridge every day.

Credit Concord Covered Bridge Historic District

Repairs to the beam cost about $300 to $500, which is paid by the driver’s insurance company. Drivers are also given a citation at the scene by police.

Cavitt said if you think your vehicle is too big, take the detour. He said they aren’t sure why it keeps happening.

Currently, some GPS apps don’t show that the bridge has a 7-foot maximum, but county officials are working with companies to get warnings added.

Despite the repeated accidents, the county has no plans to shut down the bridge to traffic. For now, they’ll continue to search for ways to warn drivers when their vehicle is too big.