Comedian Dulce Sloan | Guns & Public Health | Comedy Club Challenges

Jan 5, 2016

President Obama is expected to announce Tuesday new executive actions tightening the nation’s gun laws following a string of mass shootings. But there's still a lot we don't know about gun violence. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta studies a host of public health issues, but it's limited in its research in this area because of congressional restrictions. So, should gun violence be viewed as a public health issue? Host Celeste Headlee talks with Garen Wintemute of Violence Prevention Research Program at the UC Davis School of Medicine and Mark Rosenberg of The Task Force for Global Health, which is based in DeKalb County.

A social club at Mercer University unites its members based on ethnicity, but unlike similar campus clubs, this one works to welcome a diverse mix of participants. GPB’s Jayla Moody brings us the story of Mercer Masala. Then, the Atlanta Improv shut its doors after New Year’s Eve, and its future in the city is unclear. So what makes for a successful comedy venue in Atlanta? And what kind of acts do or don’t work here? Host Celeste Headlee talks to 3 venues in the city who have made some adjustments over the years: Jamie Bendall of the Punchline, Andrew George of The Laughing Skull, and Lara Smith from Dad’s Garage.

Watching comedians Maria Bamford and Margaret Cho, and you might get a glimpse of another rising star in Atlanta. Dulcé Sloan says these are just two of her inspirations. Sloan is creating a niche as a female comic in the South, and she’s getting national attention for her work. Sloan recently won NBC's 'StandUp' Comedy Showcase. Host Celeste Headlee talks with her about her influences, dealing with hecklers, and paving the way for other black female comics.