Clinton and Trump Enjoy Sizable Leads Heading into SEC Primary

Feb 29, 2016

To quote the late, great Larry Munson whenever the Bulldogs were trailing in the 4th quarter, “It’s gettin’ late.” As the SEC primaries approach, for every candidate not named Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump it is indeed getting late. The former secretary of state appears to be poised to win the South Carolina primary and if her “firewall” holds, sweep the SEC states when they go to the polls. Trump has big leads in every SEC primary state save Texas, the home state of Sen. Ted Cruz. If the Clinton and Trump leads hold, will both nominations be wrapped up before the G-Day game on April 16?

In the most recent Republican debate, Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Marco Rubio and Cruz acted like they don’t think the game is over. While Kasich stuck to his “high road” strategy, both Senators took turns throwing haymakers and Hail Marys in an attempt to cut into Trump’s sizable lead in the polls. For the first time this campaign season, both Senators buckled their chin straps and played smash mouth politics while trying to pin down the GOP frontrunner on specifics of his many plans. Did it work? Did they cut into Trump’s lead? Or was it too little too late?  Does Trump win the SEC and Super Tuesday primaries and roll on to the nomination? And whither a brokered convention?

On the Democrat side, while Clinton appears to have insurmountable leads in the south, there are states other than those voting in the SEC primary going to the polls on Super Tuesday. Can Sen. Bernie Sanders rack up enough wins and delegates north and east of here to prolong the race, or will Clinton’s support in the south and elsewhere wrap up the contest?

Under the Gold Dome, religious freedom legislation continues to be considered as the ramification of such legislation is debated. With Crossover Day approaching at the Capitol, do any of those bills pass both houses? Will any be signed into law?

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Jim Galloway
- AJC Political Insider Blog
Tharon Johnson - Democratic Political Consultant
Jackie Cushman - Author, Republican Consultant
Todd Rehm -
DuBose Porter - Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia