Civil War Trust Plans Park Day For Sites In Georgia

Apr 6, 2018

As the debate around the importance of confederate history continues to swirl, the Civil War Trust is sponsoring a national Park Day to restore sites around the country, including in Georgia.

Volunteer clean up events will take place Saturday at 13 historic sites in the state, including battlefields, parks, and cemeteries.

Communications manager Clint Schemmer says the Trust is a bipartisan group that is focused on historical preservation.

"If you want to understand America today, you have to understand what happened in the past," Schemmer said.

"It's complicated, there's a lot of moving pieces. Obviously, we're all still discussing those things."

The Civil War Trust is also involved in preserving sites from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

According to Schemmer 2,400 acres of land have been restored at 8 different battlefields in the state, including sites at Kennesaw Mountain and Chickamauga.

He says he hopes volunteers will participate in restoring the historic sites, which will help attract more attention during the upcoming tourism season.