City Official Confirms Collapsed Portion Of DuPre Excelsior Mill Will Be Rebuilt

Jan 13, 2020

The collapsed portion of the DuPre Excelsior Mill will be rebuilt, Doug Young, assistant director for historic preservation for the city of Atlanta Office of Design, said Monday.

A side of the historic building collapsed in late December following a renovation accident.


“The city's current understanding is that they're going to use as much of the original material as they can,” Young said.

Young said both the city and developers are feeling positive about moving forward with restoring the damaged portion of the building.

“We're feeling optimistic they can do that,” he said. “They seem very anxious to as well, when we spoke to them last.”

Young said the developers are spending this week calculating how to stabilize the building.

“After that, it might be a little more time because they have to get more details about what's actually damaged,” he said. “They’ll see how to address that.”

The Atlanta Preservation Center told GPB in a statement on Friday that they were “comfortable that all parties are acting as stewards of the property.”

The DuPre Mill was the former home of The Masquerade music venue for nearly three decades, until the venue relocated to the Kenny's Alley space in Underground in 2016.

Prior to the renovation accident, some Georgia residents were critical of plans to convert the building into an office park.