From Cities To Suburbs | Traumatic Brain Injuries | Cutting Crime

Jan 13, 2016

A new task force called ‘Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration’ has been assembled by some of the country’s most influential members of law enforcement to help stem the growing tide of incarceration. Host Celeste Headlee sits down with one of them – DeKalb Police Chief Cedric Alexander to talk about his role in the newly formed group and how he plans to lower incarceration rates across the state and country. And, although the physical and emotional terrors of domestic violence have been thoroughly documented, a more insidious threat remains for victims. Serious brain injury can occur during abuse, leaving the victim in a dire mental state. Often unrecognized in routine medical screenings following an event, traumatic brain injury poses a very real threat to an already vulnerable group. Host Celeste Headlee talks with reporter Rachel Louise Snyder and Ramesh Raghupathi of Drexel University’s College of Medicine about the serious implications of repeated brain trauma and the effects it can have on battered women. Also, the city of Powder Springs has elected its first black mayor. Host Celeste Headlee talks with newly elected Mayor Al Thurman about his rise to office and his plans to represent the community that supported him. Plus, the suburbs are calling to more African-American households in Atlanta. What is precipitating this migration from city to suburbs and what will these families find when they finally put down roots outside the city? Host Celeste Headlee speaks with Karen Belk Pooley, a city planner in Alexandria, VA, about the demographic shift happening in the metro area and the challenges that migrating black households face.