Catching Up With Diana Nyad, Radney Foster, And Kenny Leon

Oct 12, 2017

We've heard from over 200 musicians, scientists, and other creative-types in the more than three years that "Two Way Street" has been on the air. Today, we're checking in on what three of our most interesting guests are up to now: record-setting swimmer Diana Nyad, singer-songwriter Radney Foster, and Tony-winning director Kenny Leon

We begin with an update on what Nyad is up to. She previously made the news in 2013 for swimming to Florida to Cuba at the age of 64. No one had ever completed the 110-mile swim without a protective cage before. Now Nyad is making headlines on land. This September she led a walk from Boston to Maine, a movement she's calling "Everwalk." Previously, Nyad has walked from Los Angeles to San Francisco . Next year, Nyad and her walking partner Bonnie Stoll, are planning to trek from Seattle to Vancouver.

You can listen to our entire interview with Nyad here

Next we revisit some of our conversation with Nashville singer-songwriter Radney Foster, who just released a new album, "For You To See The Stars," that comes along with a collection of short stories. 

Our entire show with Foster is available here

Then we close with a portion of our interview with Atlanta-based theater director Kenny Leon. He has a project that will take him to Broadway next spring: a revival of "Children Of A Lesser God." We spoke to Leon last August after he had just won a Tony for directing a production of "A Raisin In The Sun" with Denzel Washington

Listen to that conversation in full here