The Case For Year-Round School In Georgia

Jun 5, 2018

As each school year passes, it feels as if the summer vacation months are shrinking. But for many parents, summer break is no vacation. Instead, they are met with several dilemmas, such as how they will occupy their children while they are at work, and how to find affordable, educationally enriching programs to prevent their children from forgetting what they learned all year at school. reports that 5 in 6 kids who rely on free or reduced-cost meals aren’t getting free meals in the summer. On top of food insecurity, children are falling behind in their studies due to the long break. Teachers often have to reiterate old material from the previous year just to get kids up to speed to the newest grade.

The Southern Regional Education Board has created a template of resources on its website to help parents combat these issues. We sat down with Jeff Gagne, director of policy analysis at SREB. We also heard from Holly van den Toorn, a single mom and law student at Georgia State University. She told us why year-round school would benefit working parents.