Carter Stands With Abrams On Rural Health

Sep 18, 2018

Former President Jimmy Carter threw his support behind democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and her vision for rural healthcare in his hometown of Plains Tuesday.

Carter and his wife Rosalynn joined Abrams in front of the brand new Mercer University run health clinic across from the rail depot in Plains.

There Abrams reiterated her plans to accept Federal offers of medicaid expansion, a move she says would pump $8 million a day into Georgia’s healthcare economy. Republican candidate Brian Kemp has said he’d fix rural healthcare by creating new rural jobs. Carter was critical of that approach.

"That's a good way to avoid the issue," Carter said of Kemp's plan. "If you have economic development and create jobs you could just get rid of all the poverty in Georgia. That would be a very good thing in the long term but you can't correct the immediate problems with health care by doing that."

Abrams picked up on Carter’s thread.

"You can't bring jobs to rural Georgia if there's no access to health care," Abrams said. "You can't create opportunity when people can't find the ability to take care of themselves."

Georgians have until the October 9 to register to vote in the November election.