The Breakroom | 'Patriot Act' Invites Dicussion | Barclay Family Whistle

Feb 22, 2016

Writer and performer Mike Schlitt has made it his mission to start an honest dialogue about American democracy. His traveling, one-man show, “Patriot Act,” tells a concentrated history of U.S. politics with some comic relief mixed in. Schlitt joins us to talk about why he calls the show “career suicide” and what he hopes people take away.

Human beings have always found a way to communicate – through speaking, sign language, and writing. But in one South Carolina household, whistling reigned supreme. GPB Operations Manager Tom Barclay had so many siblings growing up, that his mother assigned each of them a distinct whistle. Barclay and his brother, Don, talk about what it was like to be summoned home by a sound.

Then, the Breakroom gang gets together to talk about the struggling middle class in Georgia, the proposed elimination of the $100 bill and who would like to become mayor of their very own town in rural South Dakota.