The Breakroom | GA Lawmakers Start New Session | Georgia Playlist

Jan 8, 2016

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act created controversy when it became law in the state of Indiana, effectively legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination in certain situations. The Georgia Legislature will soon decide the fate of a similar bill that could drastically shift the rights of LGBT citizens living in the state. Host Celeste Headlee sits down with reporter Kristina Torres from the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s political team to comb through the details of this legislation and other important issues that will dominate the early political season. Plus, we add two more songs to the Georgia Playlist, courtesy of Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins. Then, the Breakroom panel discusses the rising rent prices in Georgia, and why Will Smith’s son Jaden has become the face of a women’s wear line. This week’s panel includes lawyer Stefan Turkheimer, podcast host Kalena Boller, voiceover actor Lucky Yates and marketing strategist Tomika DePriest.