Breaking Down The Changes Coming To Overtime Laws

Apr 12, 2016

President Obama is spearheading new legislation that could provide millions of Americans with access to overtime pay. The change could have major consequences for jobs in the future, but what is the history of overtime pay and the minimum wage? In our explainer series, we “break-it-down” and learn about the history of the 40-hour work week.    

Millions of jobs across the nation could be affected by a possible change to the way overtime pay is currently allowed. If the change is approved, all people who make under $51,000 dollars a year will be able to claim overtime benefits for the first time in history. The law has sparked outrage in the business community while garnering universal acclaim from many in the working class. 

We talk with AJC economics reporter Michael Kanell about whether extending overtime will help or hurt the economy and the job market.

Check out Michael's article about the  future of overtime:

Overtime soon could pad your paycheck (maybe)