Brandon Bush: A Life in Music

Aug 24, 2018

Bill Nigut’s guest on this edition of Two Way Street is Georgia-based musician Brandon Bush. He was an original member of Sugarland, one of the hottest acts in country music until they went their separate ways six years ago to the dismay of their millions of fans. 

Now, they’ve reunited, released a new album, called “Bigger,” and are in the middle of a national tour. We caught up with Brandon when the band had just come back from playing dates in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, and were getting set to go back on the road to play a gig at the Iowa State Fair.

Bill talks with Brandon about the artists he’s worked with, including John Mayer, Shawn Mullions, the San Francisco band “Train” and others during his long career as a keyboard player. And along the way Brandon and Bill share some of their favorite records with each other.