Boil Water Advisories Following Hurricane Irma

Sep 13, 2017

When Hurricane Irma took out the power in Marshallville, Georgia, Monday, it took the water pump behind City Hall with it. 

Since then, the 1,500 or so residents of Marshallville have had no drinking water. Officials with Georgia's Environmental Protection Division said eight South Georgia water systems are under boil advisories with more to come soon. That's where Marshallville Chief of Police Ronald Jackson said the city finds itself now that the power is back on and the water is running.

"We at the point now we can’t drink it," Jackson said. "The reservoir ran out and we going to have to wait on a test before we can drink it or what not."

Jackson said he expects test results by Friday showing whether or not Marshallville's water is safe. Until then, the city is accepting donations of bottled water at the police station downtown.