Black Girls Golf Founder Aims To Bring More Color To The Green

Mar 4, 2019

When Althea Gibson became the first black woman to play in the Ladies Professional Golf Association in 1963, she defied discriminatory norms. Segregation at golf courses was common, and white men dominated the sport of golf. 

Today, 90 percent of golfers are still men, and most of them are white. That can have economic implications for minorities and women since golf courses are known as common places for networking and business deals. 

Tiffany Fitzgerald worked in an Atlanta-based corporate office for years and felt left out of business deals, in part, because she didn't know how to golf. That's when she decided to learn the sport, and she began creating opportunites to bring more diversity to green. She founded Black Girls Golf in Atlanta in 2011. The business aims to connect black women who want to learn, practice and play golf. 

More than 3,000 women from all over the world learn and play under Black Girls Golf. Clemson University and The Black Girls Foundation for Diversity and Inclusion have partnered to offer African-American girls and young women an opportunity to participate in a special one-week camp that can be a starting point for a career in golf.

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