Beyonce & Southern Blackness | Georgia Guidestones | Tyrone Brooks

Feb 17, 2016

About a week and a half ago, Beyoncé took the nation by storm with her music video for the song, “Formation.” It evokes images of Hurricane Katrina, unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and the Black Lives Matter movement. It's also sparked a massive conversation about race issues in this country - and revealed divisions that go deeper than black and white. Armstrong State University professor Regina Bradley, Aurielle Marie of the Atlanta based organization, “It’s Bigger Than You,” Cornell University PhD student J. Michael Kinsey, and freelance journalist Kate Forristall join us to talk about Bey’s message and the various reactions to her latest work. The Georgia Guidestones are a mysterious set of massive rocks that were commissioned as a structure in the early 1980’s by a mystery benefactor in Elberton, GA. The monument lists ten essential steps to re-creating the world after the apocalypse and has remained one of the more enigmatic attractions in the country. We talk to travel writer Shannon Dell, who recently visited the stones during a report for BBC Travel, about the lore and uncertainty surrounding the granite structure. Former Georgia lawmaker Tyrone Brooks began serving a year-long prison sentence on Tuesday. Brooks, who is also a well-known Civil Rights activist, pleaded guilty to tax fraud and no contest to mail and wire fraud. We spoke with him last week. Brooks claims he's a target because of his efforts to solve a lynching case dating back to 1946. We dive more into that claim with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Aaron Gould Sheinin.