Bernie Sanders And Ted Cruz Triumph In Wisconsin Primaries

Apr 6, 2016

Wisconsin voters weren’t good to front-runners in the race for the White House.

Ted Cruz soundly defeated Donald Trump and made the New York businessman’s path to the GOP nomination more complicated as a result. Could this be the beginning of the end of Trump? Can Cruz or even John Kasich inflict more damage on Trump even as the campaign moves next to the East Coast where Trump has home-court advantages?

Bernie Sanders won yet another state in his battle with Hillary Clinton, but still lags far behind in the delegate count. What does this win say about Clinton’s weaknesses? How does Clinton shake Sanders off? And since he has no clear path to the nomination despite his string of victories, at what point does Sanders bow out?

Then, our all-female panel of insiders looks at the role women are playing in the 2016 race. Can Trump win the White House without women voters, who view him unfavorably by large margins? Do Hillary Clinton’s trust issues affect women voters as much as men, or can she count on them as a reliable base of support? Will younger women turn to her if Sanders bows out?

Plus we’ll look at the raging battle across states of the South over religious liberty legislation. North Carolina is already losing business after passing its law, Mississippi is now embroiled in the debate, and Georgia lawmakers who were angered by Governor Deal’s veto of religious liberty legislation here are plotting their comeback for next session.


Kristina Torres – AJC political reporter

Jackie Gingrich Cushman – conservative columnist

Dr. Andra Guillespie – Emory University political science assistant professor

Julianne Thompson – founder of the Free America Project