Atlanta's TrapKing And The Perkerson House Offer Homes For People And Cats

Apr 19, 2019

On the southwest side of Atlanta sits a small, blue house with big dreams. It’s a place that is providing a second chance for people, and now, for felines.


The Perkerson House has been offering transitional housing for humans since 2010.




But recently, the non-profit teamed up with Atlanta’s king of trap, neuter, and return Sterling Davis, also known as the TrapKing.




The Perkerson House, a transitional home in SW Atlanta
Credit Taylor Gantt / GPB

Together, the two organizations are working to expand in order to give more people and stray cats a place to call home.

GPB's Leah Fleming took a trip to the Perkerson House to see how a place that offers transitional housing for humans is also finding space for feline roommates.


WATCH: "ADIDAS- All Day, I Dream About Spaying", a music video featuring Davis and Adam Myatt, the Cat Man of West Oakland (slight NSFW language)