Atlanta's Hip-Hop Scene Represented at A3C Festival

Oct 3, 2018

When Hip-Hop hit big in the early '70s, classics flooded out from New York and Los Angeles. Then came Atlanta, and we had A3C, a hip-hop music festival and conference for all three coasts.

We spoke with a panel about Atlanta’s place in the development of hip-hop and trap music, and we also discussed the recent controversy over Maroon 5 being chosen for Atlanta's Super Bowl halftime show. Many people say an artist or band should have been picked that showcases the city’s rich music heritage, particularly the hip-hop scene.

The annual music festival will offer opportunies with Wu-Tang Clan as the music group celebrate the 25th anninversary of their debut album, "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)." Here's a list of events for the festival and a conference.

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