Atlanta's Connection To The NYSE, Honeybees, And Stephen Carter

Sep 13, 2014

Atlanta's Power Financial Couple Jeff Sprecher & Kelly Loefler have become the highest profile married couple in Atlanta. He is the Atlanta businessman who made and won an audacious bid to buy the NY Stock Exchange. She works with him in the business but is also a principal owner of the WNBA Atlanta Dream.

What's Happening To The Honeybees? All is not well in the world of the honey bee. Over the past 7 or 8 years, honey bees have been dying off or disappearing at alarming rates. Since 2007, an average of 30 percent of all colonies has died every winter in the United States. The cause: Colony Collapse Disorder- a phenomenon in which adult worker bees abruptly disappear.

Stephen Carter is the author of an op- ed about students and faculty protesting the graduation speakers scheduled to be on campus. Two Way Street sits down with Carter to talk about his concerns, and thoughts about the futures commencement speakers.