Atlanta Symphony Oboist Savors The Mozart Oboe Concerto

Apr 25, 2018

Elizabeth Tiscione was just 21 when she won the position of principal oboist in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Eleven years on, she is excited to finally perform Mozart’s Oboe Concerto with her colleagues for the first time – in fact, for the first four times (three performances at Atlanta’s Symphony Hall and one at Kennesaw State University). Tiscione spoke with GPB’s Sarah Zaslaw about her instrument, the piece and another of her loves: wine.


On what strangers ask her about oboes

“‘Which one is that? Is that the really big one?’ And then they always ask about the tuning of the orchestra. And they always ask about reeds, especially people that have seen that Mozart in the Jungle show.”

On the advantage of not learning the Mozart concerto until conservatory

“I didn’t learn any bad habits or stylistically wrong things.”

On a wine lover’s interpretation of the piece

“My husband and I really like wine, and I was like, ‘Okay, if I were to pair a wine with each movement, what would it be?’ I think the first movement is definitely like Champagne. It’s bubbly and it’s exciting and it’s welcoming. The second movement is austere and beautiful, maybe a Barbaresco. And then [for] the last movement I thought a sauvignon blanc: simple, fun, easy to drink, it’s just there and it’s always nice.”


Elizabeth Tiscione in recital