Atlanta Sports Allegiances: The Psychology of Fans Amid Braves And United Playoffs

Oct 11, 2019

After the Atlanta Braves suffered a brutal 13-1 defeat against the Saint Louis Cardinals Wednesday, Atlanta sports fans are praying for redemption this weekend, as Atlanta United heads into their playoffs against the New England Revolution on Saturday.

Sports fans often ride the emotional rollercoaster of a game right along with the players on the field — cringing at every missed catch and cheering every winning goal.

To dive into the minds of sports fans, On Second Thought spoke with Dr Seth Norrholm, an associate professor in psychiatry and behavioral science at Wayne State University.

Dr. Norrholm says the roots for our love of sports come from our need to belong. “We have this ‘in-group, out-group’ mentality,” Dr. Norrholm explains, “And that goes way back to our ancestors where there were associations that had to battle each other for resources and food and water.”

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