Atlanta Ranks Worst In Income Inequality

Nov 19, 2018

Bloomberg recently analyzed cities with more than 250,000 people across the country and determined Atlanta is the worst city for income inequality in the United States. Its report states the median income in the city is $57,000.

That's compared to what the top 5 percent of residents make, which exceeds $637,000. This gap in income is determined by factors like affordable housing, wealth accumulation and Georgia's low minimum wage.

We spoke with Mehrsa Baradaran of University of Georgia's School of Law, who wrote "The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap."

Alex Camardelle, senior policy analyst for the Georgia Budget and Policy Insitute, also joined the conversation.

Both Camardelle and Baradaran discussed the importance of understanding the racial wealth gap. They highlighted how issues like redlining, housing segregation and access to banking have widened the gap between white families and families of color across the country.

Camardelle works in changing public policy to address issues of inequality and overturn unfair policies. He authored a report called "Growing Diverse, Thriving Together," which outlined the importance of embracing the growing population diversity in the state to boost the economic outcome for all.

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