Atlanta Health Clinic Opens COVID-19 Hotline, Testing Site

Mar 30, 2020

Whitefoord Inc. is opening a screening hotline and coronavirus testing site near Grant Park in southeast Atlanta.

The company has a history of running school clinics in Fulton County, as well as a family health clinic in Kirkwood. 

Those who believe they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, which Whitefoord lists as "a fever over 99.6 degrees, cough, sudden lost sense of taste or smell or shortness of breath" can call its hotline at (470) 427-2634 ext. 123.

If the hotline believes a person qualifies for testing with their symptoms, they'll be given a time to arrive at a drive-through testing center near Grant Park. Those being tested at the site will also be screened for the flu and strep.

Whitefoord said on its website it provides "critical services and programs to children and families."

As of noon Monday, March 30, there are 2,809 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in over 120 of Georgia’s 159 counties with 87 reported deaths. Nearly 13,000 tests have been performed by state and commercial labs. The state also says 707 people have been hospitalized so far.

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