Atlanta Band The Black Lips On Their Creativity, Capers and New Country Album

Nov 26, 2019

Atlanta's own Black Lips is a band that keeps audiences on their toes, literally — which you'd know if you've ever landed in the mosh pit at one of their shows — and figuratively, given that the latest it-bag line from Gucci is named after band member Zumi Rosow. 

For 20 years, founding members Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley have been making unruly garage rock, rockabilly records, and sometimes, they can sound like old country crooners. In fact, they have a new album coming out in early 2020, which they say is a country album. It's called The Black Lips Sing In A World That's Falling Apart.

On Second Thought spoke with founding members Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley earlier this year to learn about their journey from Dunwoody High School to recording with Yoko Ono, and their inspirations that led to their more "rootsy" sound on the new album.

"Country's something I kind of came up on, as well as gospel and rock 'n' roll," Swilley said. 

"Yeah, a lot of traditional Southern American art forms were influential," Alexander added.

Listen to the full single "Odelia" from the forthcoming album.

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