Atlanta Author Nic Stone Tackles Race Relations In Debut Middle-Grade Novel, 'Clean Getaway'

Jan 6, 2020

Atlanta native Nic Stone has not shied away from racism, belonging and the weight of history in her novels for young adults. The New York Times best-selling author pulls those themes together in her debut novel for middle-grade readers. The book is called Clean Getaway, and hits store shelves Jan. 7. 

11-year-old William "Scoob" Lamar spends his spring break crossing the deep South in a Winnebago with his eccentric grandmother. He's escaping punishment for fighting at school — and soon realizes that "G'ma" is also on the run for something he doesn't quite understand. 

Stone stopped by On Second Thought to give a preview of Clean Getaway. "Most of the responses I get from young readers — they're all positive. The African American readers thank me for giving them a story that represents them. The white readers will thank me for giving them a story for opening their eyes, but I find we don't give teenagers enough credit," she said.

Stone will speak during the release of her new novel at Thankful Baptist Church in Decatur. She's also set to release Shuria middle-grade novel that will focus on the Black Panther character, this summer.

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