Are Mergers A Solution For Struggling HBCUs In Georgia?

Nov 18, 2019

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are struggling right now. Five have been shuttered since 1989, while others are just barely holding on.

Enrollment, which has down been for all colleges, has been a bigger problem at HBCUs.

According to Forbes, attendance has dropped by 11% between 2010 and 2016.

Even schools like Morehouse College in Atlanta, which have received gifts from Oprah Winfrey and billionaire Robert Smith, recently proposed employee furloughs and other cost cutting measures to fill a $5 million budget gap.

GPB's Leah Fleming (left) interviews higher-education consultant R. Wayne Woodson
Credit Brandin Cureton

R. Wayne Woodson is a graduate of Morehouse University and is the founder of the higher education consulting firm Woodson and Associates.

He sat down with Leah Fleming to discuss the problems facing HBCUs in Georgia ,what role mergers could play moving forward, and his legacy as a relative of Carter G. Woodson, "the father of Black History."