Aquafarm To Table: Georgia Grown Oysters Land On Kimball House Menu

May 22, 2019

Georgia was once a leader in the oyster canning business, but the last cannery closed in the 1960s. In decades since, the local bivalves had a reputation as too wild, too muddy and too much work, so they didn't show up on a lot of menus.

In the past few years, however, a group of people attuned to the estuaries of Glynn, Camden, Liberty and McIntosh counties have helped revive the Georgia oyster — through farming. Their stories are the center of André Gallant's A High Low Tide: The Revival of a Southern Oyster.

Gallant joined us with more on the past, present and future of Georgia's oyster industry. Bryan Rackely, co-owner of Kimball House — a Decatur restaurant where oysters —  also joined the conversation about these briny bivalves. 

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