'Anger, Anguish' And 'Cohesion': Updates From El Paso in the Wake of Mass Shooting

Aug 7, 2019

President Donald Trump is headed to both Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, Wednesday in response to the recent mass shootings in the two cities.

Along with the previous week's shooting in Gilroy, California, there were 34 people killed and dozens injured in a single week.

Rick Rojas is also in El Paso. He's the new national correspondent for the South at The New York Times. He joined On Second Thought to give us an update on the situation — and the sentiment — in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting.

"[Residents of El Paso] view [President Donald Trump's] rhetoric as playing a part in this," Rojas said. "They've noted the similarities between the language the suspected gunman used in his manifesto, and the language that the president has used in describing immigrants. And there's quite a bit of animosity; they're not ready to take his words at face value just yet."

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